Saturday, March 01, 2008

WorldCALL 2008 Scholarship Awardees

I DID it!!!
After a long tail of emails,checking rates, bookings and re-bookings, long hours of waiting, I won another scholarship in REAL life!!Below is my email to the webheads! I am much grateful to the wings they gave me!
I with more webheads ( read the names of the awardee on the list), have been selected among WorldCALL 2008 scholarship awardees because of what I have learned here, and still learning, and because of this magic, weird spirit that urges one to pay forward what he/she learns here. It's because of you ALL that I won this scholarship!
Thank you!
I am so excited that I will meet up with you all girls!!!Congratulations! Indeed, Webehads are every where, all year round! YEESS!Viva Webehads!
http://wc3scholar. info/
Hala ( off to start packing )LOL


Jennifer Verschoor said...

CONGRATULATIONS Hala!!! I just read your post and I really understand your feeling. This will be an unforgettable experience and finally I will meet you f2f.
See you in Japan:-)

Muhanned said...

Congratulation teacher.
You deserve more. Go on I'm with you...

mayuko said...

Hi Hala,
I am Mayuko of Kyoto Sangyo University. It was nice that we met at World Call 2008 and shared opinions and information. You are a very capable and lovely teacher. Now, I am back in kyoto. By the way, do you have ADSL or optical cables?
To make my suggestion come true, I realized it's important. PLS let me know your Internet environment.