Friday, February 03, 2006

Sudan:Introduction & General Information

Situated in North East Africa, where the Blue and White Niles merge, lies Sudan, the largest of all the African nations. It, borders no less than nine other countries, and has been the gateway to Africa throughout history.
Sudan is often called ‘Mini Africa’ because it’s (approx) population of 37 million, exist in over a hundred different ethnic groups. It is this diversity of culture that gives rise to Sudan’s unique variety of custom, art,music and food.Khartoum, the capital is dominated by the union of the Blue and White Niles. The three main districts, KhartoumKhartoum North & Omdurman, are each rooted between a different arm of the uniting rivers. Each district has a different history and feel, and together they forma ‘melting pot’ of the country’s cultural diversity. The other 25 states together equal roughly the size of Western Europe.

Sudan’s phtopography ranges from arid desert in the North, hills in the West and East, and swamps and forest in the South.Where ever you visit you will feel the warmth of the Sudanese people and will truly understand why they are renowned for their hospitality.More.....

What is Heaven?

Lori,a new member of BaW 2006,said on one of his emails that "He is in Heaven".I emailed him back, asking for his permision use these words for a blog name.He accepted,with a big smile on his virtual face.Then,Sharon,an old webheader,posted a comment"what a lovely sentiment.She posted the story that poped-up on her mind because of our "Heaven" in which she said,"Last summer when we were sitting at sunset on a hill overlooking the coast of Maine and watching the birds dive into the surf as the tide came rolling in.Hitomi, who is a Buddhist majoring in world religions, sighed and said that she now knew the meaning of heaven. In Hitomi's words, "it's a place where everything is perfect for you and you just feel really good."So,this is the story of my blog,my Heaven!!!!!!!