Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Um abracos!

Webehads love hugging!
A Webhead friend, Monica from Brazil, is known for her 'um abracos'( a hug).I asked her to send me san audio to hear how can I say it.My kids are practicing saying um abracos to me at bed time!!lol

Becoming a Webehad 2008

Oh!How long I have been away from here? Fortunately, so many GOOD things were happening around.I hope I will have the time again to keep on posting about webheads heaven world!
I have turned up a very dear invitation form my dear friend, mentor and teacher; Teres to moderate a week at baw08 session.Too much for me to manage with family, writing, work and not an easy teaching load.
A 'Fantabulous' work has been done by Dafne and Teresa!Claps for the hard work behind the scenes done by all moderators and co-moderators!
Allah know how I miss it!!
Here is a screenshot of the EVO08 Kickoff.