Friday, February 03, 2006

Sudan:Introduction & General Information

Situated in North East Africa, where the Blue and White Niles merge, lies Sudan, the largest of all the African nations. It, borders no less than nine other countries, and has been the gateway to Africa throughout history.
Sudan is often called ‘Mini Africa’ because it’s (approx) population of 37 million, exist in over a hundred different ethnic groups. It is this diversity of culture that gives rise to Sudan’s unique variety of custom, art,music and food.Khartoum, the capital is dominated by the union of the Blue and White Niles. The three main districts, KhartoumKhartoum North & Omdurman, are each rooted between a different arm of the uniting rivers. Each district has a different history and feel, and together they forma ‘melting pot’ of the country’s cultural diversity. The other 25 states together equal roughly the size of Western Europe.

Sudan’s phtopography ranges from arid desert in the North, hills in the West and East, and swamps and forest in the South.Where ever you visit you will feel the warmth of the Sudanese people and will truly understand why they are renowned for their hospitality.More.....


Jane said...

Hala--News reports don't often lead us to associate Sudan with heaven. Thank you so much for your description of Sudan, the map and the beautiful picture.


SusNyrop said...

what a marvellous tribute to your country, your Webheads energy and commitment is amazing and I'm thrilled and honoured to have you with us here in this workshop! You're added to our blogroll and invited to our co-blog!

hugs, Sus (Denmark)

SusNyrop said...

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yours, proof reading moderator

Claudia Bellusci said...

Hi Hala,
I was one of the lucky people who had the chance to enjoy your excellent job at BaW and you unique sense of humour. Congratulations on that!
As for your blog, you've done a great job in such a short time. You've even put the clock that's becoming a "must" in this blog sessions.
Your description is full of colours and sounds. Sudan has always seemed exotic and mysterious. You are the first Sudanese I've ever met (at least virtually).
Have a nice time blogging!

Janet said...
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Janet said...

Dear Hala,

what a beautiful page. The photo, along with the map, make for an immediate feeling of your life. I appreciate your energy and happy entries in the BaW-06 log so much.

Janet in Bavaria

12:52 PM

Cora Chen said...

Dear Hala,
What a beautiful blog you have!
I like the beautiful picture and your descriptions of your homeland.

Lots of hugs,

carla said...


It's the first time I hear about Sudan coming from a Sudanese, and I really felt close to heaven just by appreciating the nice picture you posted! Thanks for sharing some precious information about your country.

Carla from warm Brazil

hala said...

A test to see whether it accepts or not.Hala

Chrissan said...

Hala my dear friend, sooo much has happened during the last twelve months! This blog eally captures the beauty of Sudan and, quoting Jane : "News reports don't always lead us to associate Sudan with heaven"
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to broaden our views, which is but one of your immense amount of qualities!

iaptbyf (I am proud to be your friend)

Emily said...

It was heaven to look over your great blog spot, too Hala! Thanks for including us in your wonderful project. --Em

DenmanJ said...

Hi Hala,

Your blog is lovely and inspiring...and if my picture shows up here, I'm In Heaven too!


Jenny in Delft