Sunday, March 16, 2008

Webheads at WorldCALL2008 Home

Nina, or Nagora, has created a wiki for webheads awarded with the scholarship to participate at WorldCALL 2008 Congress in Fukuoko, Japan. Nina put a page for each awardee, all congratulations received on webheads' mailing list and the discussion there is hot about travelling to Tokyo before the conference, and where to go and stay there, learning Japanese( never thought about it in my entire life!!) This is just FANTABULOUS!!
Did I ever mention the criteria of the selection?
Our goal was to decide on individuals who met these criteria:-People who have been active in CALL (not just language pedagogy or administration) as evidenced by recent publications, presentations or on-going projects.
-People who exhibited in their "Statements of Purpose" a clear goal for their attendance at WorldCALL and a plan to disseminate the knowledge so gained upon their return home.
-People who represent a wide spectrum of geographical areas, balanced by gender and years of experience. Geographical selection was also, to some extent, determined in proportion to the number of applications from that area of the world.

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Dear Hala,
I was tagged my Mary Hillis and now I am turning the ball to 6 other people, and you are one of them.
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