Saturday, March 01, 2008

Webehads Congraulations!

As usual, as a family, we always rush into sending deep heartful congratulations on occasions like winning a scholarship!The one which made my day is Dennis from Phoenix.An elegant card from Blue Mountain With these nice words:
As-salaamu aleikum, my friend.
Congratulations on winning a scholarship to WorldCALL 2008! You richly deserve this honor, and I'm already looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Japan.
Dennis in Phoenix

He sent another one for all awardees which put a BIG smile on my face!
Shukran Jazeelan my dear Dennis.
All the rest of the congratulations are on the comment area, so as not to have a looong post here.Thank you everyone!


Hala said...

Dearest Hala,

I'm so haaaaappyyyy for you and so proud of you! What a well-deserved
scholarship award!! I just wish I could be in World CALL to meet you
f2f and
hug you many, many times and give you lots of beijinhos. :-)
You will be a FA-BU-LOUS representative of the Webheads!
Hugs and beijinhos, (Teresa.Portugal)

Dear Hala, Erika, Evelyn, Nina, Susan, Nelba and Jennifer
Kudos to you all for a well-deserved scholarship, for spreading the Webhead
word and emphasizing our presence on- and offline! I'm very, very happy for
you!!! Webheads rock!!!
I hope that there are Webcast sessions and I'll certainly be there with you!
Beijinhos all, Teresa (off to celebrate!)

I am really proud of you guys! Congratulations :-)
I was part of the Scholarship committee, and I can
tell you it was a very difficult process with more
than 90 applicants from all over the world. However, I
have to say that from the beginning and without
reading their names (which I found out later in the
process), webheads´ statements of purpose shined with
their expertise and involvement in CALL projects.
Have a great trip to Japan, don´t forget to take tons
of pics to share, and as Tere said, if there are
online events, let us know.
Warm hugs,

Dear Hala:
Congratulations! !!
You see? I told you in Alado chat room, somehow I knew you were going to the convention. I read somewhere at Andy's page that you were going!!!!
You deseve it Hala, you have worked very hard and your students learned a lot with you.
Picture me jumping up and down for you!!!
Well done girl!
Have a great time, enjoy and hug everyone for me.
Besos. Maru

Hi Awarded Webheads!
Congratulations! I am so happy for all of you!
I sent the previous message without reading the information, I feel so proud to have been in touch with you!
Jennifer, Nelba, Nina, Evelyn, Erika, Susan, Asem, Ying, Neny, Ferit, Jinguo, Revathi!!!
13th awards among who knows how many applications.
Hurray to the rising stars!
Enjoy your well earned award, the trip and the f2f contact!
Arriba Quecos! Love: Maru

Fantastic! Well-deserved and congratulations. Very proud of all of you !
Warm regards,

Dear Teresa:

Yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also in the list. I'm so happy! Thanks,
Webheads!!!!!!!!! You've been my inspiration since I joined Baw in 2005 and this
is the result. Spread the word, Webheads are everywhere! I cannot stop crying,
laughing, jumping, hughing my husband and daughter! Congratulations to Hala,
Nina, Erika, Nelba and Jennifer, too.
Hugs to all!!!!!!!!!

Hala said...

Dear Hala,
Congrats. My dear friend. I am really happy and PROUD of you. Well done!
You rock. Show them what webheads are made of.

Congrats you all. Well done! I am really PROUD of you.
I have just "arose" from some complicated weeks to find such great news.
This is great! take advantage of this opportunity to spread your outstanding work and Inspire others.
I am really HAPPY for you all.
beijinhos. LOADS!

Hi Awarded Webheads :
A big hug from Del Valle in Argentina. I feel like somebody in my family won the Nobel!!!
Congratulations !!! Well deserved !!!

Hala said...

Congratulations to the awardees!!!! !

I'm sure you will benefit a lot as I did when I myself was selected as an awardee to go to the WorldCALL 2003 in Banff. I learned a lot with all the talks and I really loved meeting all the experts in CALL. :-)

Cintia Costa
Universidade Federal do Par�
Bel�m - Amazon - Brazil

cristina costa said...

Dear Halainha!
Once again: CONGRATS!
You are brilliant and deserve such prize. WORLDCALL also needs you there to help them inspire more educators on that side of the globe.
What can I say. They made the right choice by selecting you and I will support you all the way.

Go to Japan and rock their world. Just be yourself! :-)

I am really happy for you.

Hala said...

Thank you Cris for the sincere words that come from your deep heart!
Being myself is what tires me most! It takes all the energy I have!:-)
Thanks and hope to see you f2f soon.

Hala said...

Wow!!!! Congratulations to all of you Awardees!!! Everyone's excitement is so contagious. I'm deeply thrilled for all of you. In fact, I got goose bumps reading about everyone's joy. I know all the Webheads are so talented,
dedicated, hardworking, and forever caring and it's so nice to see this type of recognition for those Awardees!!! Everyone's emails made my day. They all show
the beautiful side of this world. What a lift!!!
Bless all of you!!!!!!

Good on you, Hala!--
And congrats to Susan Marandi, too.
Who are the other Webheads--please say 'hi'--and congratulations to
you all! What an honor!

Congratulations to all the awardees! I'm so happy for you!
Cora in San Francisco

My sincere congratulations to all the WorldCALL awardees. I will look
foward to meeting you all in Fukuoka!


Hala said...

My congratulations to all 13 scholarship awardees. I recognized many
active Webheads and EVO contributors on the list!
Christine Bauer-Ramazani

Ladiess!I'm really proud of you.You definitely deserved it .Take many pics in Japan and share them with us.Well done!

Hala said...

Congratulations to all of you seven outstanding webheads. Amazing result of
your exemplary hard work.

I read about thiw wonderful news 12 hours before I was doing a presentation
for web 2.0 librarians in Norway (with webhead lurker Niels Damgaard as my
host), sharing my narrative on social and collegial learning opportunities
in the electronic village online, of course with Webheads as my central
case. Your success(es) offered a fine springboard story. Blogged on
http://worldofwebhe ads.blogspot. com

yours, Sus Nyrop

Hala said...

Hello Nina
I'm thrilled! I'm so happy!
I almost can't believe I'm going to visit Japan, attend World CALL and meet so many special people face to face!!! Let's celebrate today!!
Thank you all for being part of my life!

Congratulations ladies.
This is the recognition to your hard work. I hope you can visit Maryhillis.
Warm hugs to you all.

I'd like to add my heartiest congratulations to the awardees. What an
adventure awaits you! I hope someone will start a WorldCALL2008 blog
so we can all enjoy the fun vicariously.

Congratulatory hugs to all!


Whoopeeee!! Congratulations to you all!!
I'll certainly be looking forward to all the stories you will all have to tell!
My warmest hugs to Ronaldo who didn't get to Japan this time, but is going to New York!

Hala said...

Dear Hala, so happy to see you on the list, you really deserve it,
wish you the best.
cheers Randa Effat ( Egypt)

Eventhough belated, I must send my special and warm congrats to one
of our active member of webheads for a well-desearved scholarship to
world CALL 2008 at Japan. Truely, Hala, you are one of the leading
CALL authorities in Africa.
Lawan ( Nigeria)

Hala said...

Congratulations Evelyn, Hala, Jennifer, Erika, Nelba, Susan and Nina!!!!We all are proud of you!!
super hugs from Susan Burg

I would like to
congratulate the scholarship awardees for their success. I truly believe each and every webhead that I had the chance to know through their e-mails deserve recognition for their work, energy, and scholarship.
Serpil Sonmez