Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"How does your blog relate to your business?"

I was tagged by my friend Cris to answer the above question. Actual, it is a challenge that that was posed by Cirs' friend’s friend's friend's friends's and which she decided to pose on to other friends, including me. I am blogging because I am a life-long learner. I am willing to share what I have learned. I need to learn with/from others. I love to read/watch others' contribution to knowledge . I like to track how knowledge is distributed. Isn't this what is all about? Sharing knowledge, experience, feelings, networking collaboratively with local and international communities. Although I hate writing, here I am, blogging about everything. I blog because I NEED to be inside the blogosphere which is created by bloggers, the real people with whom we live and interact. I guess it is also about communicating with people. Can I call it peo-blogging ( people-blogging)? I don't have many blogs, five at Blogger and two at Wordpres! When I started to blog, which is the way how to learn the blogging process, I wasn't aware of the dozens of the world-wide-windows that keep on opening with every blog post I add, or every post I read. I blog because blogging have changed my life and it will keep on giving me a better life, with other bloggers!!

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Carla Arena said...

Dear Hala,

I blog for the same reasons you do, connections, distributed knowledge that your kind of make it your own, sharing. It's all about the lifelong learning experience, right?