Saturday, November 17, 2007

WiziQ Session

Yesterday I catched up with WiziQ session with Vance and the gang.It was really F.U.N.I just loved the room! The only thing which was annoying was the echo and the delay of voice.Also, I found a difficulyt in reading the font on the chat area.However, it deos hold great potentialites to be used with students.I am glad I made it there!!


Jagdeep. S. Pannu said...

Hi Hala,

Good to know that you had fun using WiZiQ. The echo happens when attendees who have control, have both their mike and speakers on. To interact in WiZiQ, it is highly recommended to use headsets.

We are working on more enhancements in the virtual classroom. The new release should be out shortly. All WiZiQ members will be informed via our newsletter when the release is out.


Jagdeep. S. Pannu

(For WiZiQ)

Anonymous said...

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