Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rita's Presentation

Wow! I have been away since May! How cruel I was !
Rita Zeinstejer , a webhead friend from Argentina , contacted me when she was preparing a f2f presentation for teachers in her city about Web 2.0 tools, to have a look at my presentation in June. After several weeks of exchanging emails, she came with a great presentation and a it was
a blast!
Although I was a guest speaker, I didn’t speak! Technology glitches. The sad thing was that I didn’t follow my instincts. My 6th sense told me earlier that day to record your speech, which was already on Word, and send it to Rita. I checked everything and went on a test for my connection and microphone thinking everything will go well It didn’t! These things happen, but when you feel that you left out something, the sense of guilt floats on !

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Désirée said...

Un petit bonsoir amicale de la suisse.