Tuesday, May 01, 2007

In a comment to Cristina Costa

Dear Cris,
I believe that what makes WiA flourishing and blooming is the fact that one is never lonely, never isolated, regardless of your geographical location, whether in a remote village, an isolated town or in any where in the developed world! It is this human –to-human interaction that makes our community a dream, an unreal community when one talks about it to the outer world. All members are leading professionals within their subject fields. They help each other, show interest, care, take time to share (sharing to us is caring!), response to each other whenever needed. We have a "high-peak "sense of security. Confidence is transmitted between keyboards, monitors and Skype chats; to the extent that it leads you to create so many things which, one day, you thought that they are impossible .The human-ware, not hardware or software.
The effective relationships a among WiA members and the positive influence plus the enough support I have received is what led my first year students say to me "You are the best teacher we have in this college. Your lectures are interesting and fun." .My personal instructional delivery has changed because of WiA.
Hala Fawzi

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Cris said...

Dear Hala,
It is true that your approach changed because of the WiA, as it is also true that it changed because you allowed it to happen.
It is that flexibility, and the variety of individuals that come together, and who out of good will help each other that make the WiA such a special group.
WiA is only special because it has special people like you, and your students know that! They feel that human-ware ;-) and appreciate it.