Thursday, January 25, 2007

These are the Webehads

Today, Gladys posted this on an email to the list:
Cheryl writes:
"This is a thinking prompt for you if you are looking to improve a
skill or challenge yourself to learn something new. Pick an activity,
a technology tool, an article to read, a blog to read and leave a
comment to this blog, open a delicious account, put a photo in
Photoshop, create a FlickR account, create a Bubbleshare account ,
register for VYEW and try out the tools,, try using a SmartBoard .....
you fill in the blank. Make yourself a goal to try it out and learn
the new ________.( you fill in the blank) Don't be scared."
It shows you're a Webhead In Action, Cheryl! That community never
stops learning, and drags us all on its eventful journey!

How true are these words!
"Time's Person of the Year: You" is an article on "Time".Read and see if you can find yourself inside!

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