Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Webheads Teens in Action

This a blog to visit.Once, Jeff Lebow said, when she participated in baw06 graduation cermony,these will be webheads 2015!!This is the blog of my daughter,Haneen.Don't forget to explore her friend's blog.She started to teach them how to blog!!!Who knows!!But,I do love the idea, and maybe we could think seriously about this!!


Elizabeth H-S said...

Hi Hala--

I love your blog and the idea that your daughter may carry on the Webhead tradition! Now that's a community "with legs."

fellow Webhead and cheerleader

lurulus said...
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Hala said...

Hi Elizabeth.It is an honor to have your comment on my blog! Thanks for dropping by.

angelesb said...

I have read your daughter's blog!!!
It's amazing the nice words she wrote to you. She brought tears to my eyes !!! What a nice girl!!!
You have to be so proud of her !!

I think you have a wonderful idea showing her to blog and she has a good one, too when teaching to her friends "how-to"

I am trying to teach my son to blog and he likes it because he said he is the only one at school who has a "cybermom" XD. He's so proud all the time telling her friends I can help when doing homework XD

Big hugs,

angelesb from Mexico (from baw07)

Hala said...

Thanks Angeles for dropping by and reading Haneen's words. I am proud of her, yes, and she deserves it!
I hope she will be a true webehad oneday!